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The Republic of Yemen has a growing economy in terms of the agriculture , so it is characterized by high-quality agricultural crops and despite what happened in the development of the agricultural sector, but the plant disease problems remain the biggest obstacles faced by the farmers and have a significant impact on their earnings report.
 The company has an active role in trying to solve disease problems facing farmers through the provision of a wide variety of pesticides and fertilizers which requires a lot of agricultural pests from insect and fungal and spiders and nematodes and herbicides.
Some of these pesticides works by touch and through the digestive system and the materials sophisticated and powerful combinations to give better results farms to protect crops from diseases and pests that may infect agricultural crops.
This site has been optimized and classified to make it easier for farmers , also to explain the correct use of fertilizers and pesticides, and we have to clarify the individual product basis, where easy access to on-farm fertilizers and pesticides that appropriate help him to eliminate the pests and diseases that affect crops.
We ntmani that this site offers our valued customers from traders and farmers, information and access to facilities in the correct use of appropriate pesticides and fertilizers that will help them to get the best results.

  Please accept our sincere greetings
Saleh Ajlan & Brothers Trading and Commercial Agencies Ltd.

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G.M: Mr. Saleh Ajlan.

D.G.M. Executive manager: Mr.Ali Ajlan.

Sales Manager: Mr. Sadeq Ajlan.